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Suggest-A-Demo-Tron-X 2000

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At this year's party, we're going to show a *lot* of demos. At least that's what we try to. But we realized one thing: We need quality suggestions from a lot of different people with a lot of different tastes. This is why we ask you kindly to enter your personal suggestions. Thank You!

And here's what people have been suggesting so far:

Demo Group
altp08 kosmoplovci
Antimoney threestate
Bjoer Tpolm
Black and White DESiRE
cannapaceus mfx
catharsis mfx
chrysler fit
cognoscere mfx
d796 kosmoplovci
flashback faces inward & CPU
haitta flo
i am the seed inward & CPU
jenny thinks fit
Kaffepaus Vantage
kolonija kosmoplovci
Murdera Matt Current
Romeo Fairlight
te-2rb Tpolm
the lost religion of light kosmoplovci
transmisija 31 kosmoplovci
trip error 64 & cTrix
Newschool 2D (Post-DirectX 2D)
Demo Group
Chromosphere SQNY
Metamorphosis ASD
Vokawardoai Satori
Revolutionary Technical Milestones
Demo Group
c64mp3 mahoney
Crystal Dream 2 Triton
Doctor Trilobit
Enigma Phenomena
fortnight mfx
future 1999 pwp
Hardwired Cryonics & The Silents
Hardwired Silents / Crionics
Health and Saftey Neuralyte
Heaven 7 Exceed
helium pwp
Jizz The Black Lotus
PC-04 Partycle Panda Cube
robotic warrior pwp
State of the art Spaceballs
The Fulcrum Matrix
the good, the bad & the ugly Surprise!Productions
The Product Farbrausch
transgression mfx
Demo Group
080808 of the death kosmoplovci & minimalartifact
98 seconds Calodox
Anoxia Redux ASD & minimalartifact
Chaos Theory Conspiracy
elran i2pi
Ergon FRequency
GLitch Kewlers
hplus Halcyon
Koiban Satori
Subversive Bypass / Blackmaiden
Technology 2 TPOLM
The day the earth was born TPOLM
We Crave Sustenance PlayPsyCo
Comebacks (of "dead" groups)
Demo Group
awakening the force
Fetish 2 Ozone
Massive skarla
Menace 2 DESiRE
Noumenon Andromeda
Stargazer Andromeda & Orb
YouShould Haujobb
History of Cracktros
Demo Group
CORE10k intro by Chemical Reaction Chemical Reaction (CORE)
Interceptor cracktro Unit A
Lemmings cracktro Anarchy & Skid Row
Shinobi cracktro Paranoimia
Supercars cracktro Paranoimia & Unique
Superfrog cracktro Crystal & Melon Dezign
Most unusual hardware
Demo Group
bresenham metalvotze
Craft LFT
Luchador Delabu Alama
Oh la belle bleue! Puls
Pimp My Spectrum ate bit
Shizzle Team Pokeme
tapcore disaster area
Technological Dream Mega Best Software
Polygon Orgies
Demo Group
f07 Function 2007 invitation Conspiracy
Father of the Great Nation Remix Matt Current
Finally Inside Still
Gateways Trauma
Lost Vegas 3state + Lackluster
Machines of madness Dubius
numen taQuart
Superkiller -
tHe S suspend
The Shrine laresistance
Metal/Hardrock (Soundtrack)
Demo Group
Beertime X Dekadence
Bosnisk Metall Gigatron
Chaotic Dekadence
Cosmic Soliloquy Byterapers & Accession
en haluaisi olla damage
Grind Dekadence & Accession
Grind Accession
Happiness is Around the Bend ASD
Jesus Christ Motocross Nature & Traktor
Matka alamaailmaan KSM!
Paha Kukka HiRMU
Propaganda Inf
Raging fire Dreamdealers
Speedlimit Accession
State of Mind Bomb!
Stercus Accidit Fit
Substance Alliance Design^Quartex
VIP 2 Popsy Team
Love Stories / Love Letters
Demo Group
Amour Orion
Barbie Meets Easy-E Delabu Alama
D - Four Ctrl-Alt-Test
Dramatic Pixels PWP
Easter Egg Orion
Frontal Assault (game) Xmunky of TaaT
Guggle Me Doomsday
iterate imbusy&xerxes
Liquid... Wen? Haujobb
Downscaled / Bitcrushed (Remakes on Lofi-HW)
Demo Group
195/95/256 RGBA
Desert Dream Resource & Chorus
Second Reality 64 Smash Designs & TOM
iDemo (Mobiles/Portables/Consoles)
Demo Group
Berry Nice Luis (independant at the time)
Bubbles Tulou
C0D3R C0L0RZ Throb & T-Rex
experiment: imhotep mfx
Five Finger Discount Shitfaced Clowns
Form Dekadence
fucktro13 eldorado design & Speedfisters
Gejmbåj Snorpung
Hires Hunt Paradise
k2 - 029: numbering sucks k2
knark phantasy
Lick It TRSI & Titan
Love is a Fix CNCD & komplex & orange
Matt Current Shitfaced Clowns
Mental Respirator phantasy
nano Kakiarts
Para 'N' droiD TRSI & Rabenauge & Brain Control
Perkele Plus Contraz & excess
Perkele Plus+ Contraz & excess & Portal Process
Political Statement with a Well Hidden Message Matt Current
Suicide Barbie TBL
The 5th Annual Awards invitation
The Snowman-NDS Checkpoint
Demo Group
Four Bitches Nuance
Glitch Bitch Ananasmurska
hypnoise, part1 Quite
kosmoplovci minimalanimal
mother mother my ears bleed mfx
my strange passion for leather lord graga & nosfe
"Meaning of Life": Scener Introspection
Demo Group
bakkslide 7 hellcore + omnicolor
Death in vegas Calodox
Desert Dream Kefrens
fr-045: life after farbrausch
Large Unified Theory PWP
Mankind Suckz iq 2000
some bookprint and a broken heart Replay
texas keyboarders
True Lessons from Real Life Boozoholics & Up Rough
Spy Moods
Demo Group
Great HiRMU SisTERS hirmu
Panjabmoore meets 007 again Calodox