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IMPORTANT: Read more about how "Buenzli" and "Demodays" are related here.

What and Why

You wonder what happend to Buenzli? Nothing - for this years edition we labeled the event «demodays». It's still Buenzli, and it's even Buenzli 20! For our long time visitors, there won't be a lot of changes - but instead we'll have a whole lot of new goodies.

  • New competition categories and rules, together with a new voting system
  • Planned 12 hours of demoshows
  • Barbecue with a piece of free meat for every visitor
  • A new selection of food and drinks

The reason for giving this year's Buenzli the title «demodays» (and probably keeping this for further events too) is pretty simple: In our aim to reach a broader audience, we needed a new and catchy name that needs less explanation than «Buenzli». The target audience comes from highschools of arts, hardware hackers, hobbyist musicians and designers, web-artists and generally everybody that uses his computer for creative things. During the party, we'll have various occassions that allow first-time visitors and newbies to dive into the demoscene and get in touch with like-minded people.

What is demodays anyway?

Demodays 2011 Logo«demodays» (formerly called Buenzli) is an annual event (a so called demoparty), taking place during three days in Summer in Olten/Switzerland. It is organized by «Echtzeit - Digitale Kultur», a Swiss association dedicated to the demoscene. In various contests and competitions like animation, demos, realtime-movies, music, graphics or game-developement, the visitors, coming from all over Europe, compete against each other. The winners are given a whole lot of attractive prizes. Beside these contests, there’s a surrounding event program with bands, visuals and entertainment. «Demodays» is the largest event of its kind in Switzerland and attracts around 100 to 150 visitors every year. The audience consist of a wide range of different kinds of persons - everybody that feels the urge to do more than office work and gaming with his computer is welcome! Read more about the idea of a demoparty.