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IMPORTANT: Read more about how "Buenzli" and "Demodays" are related here.

Party Features

The competitions

Just like every proper demoparty, we'll have plenty of competitions. Read more about it and what's special about the demodays competitions on our dedicated page. The winners of the competitions will get prizes (money and things donated by our sponsors).

The demoshows

It's a demo party, and demo parties have demos: We aim to give you an almost nonstop demoshow, in blocks of approx. 1h troughout all three days of the event. The blocks have various topics, cover demos from different years and platforms. Are you new to demos? Then you'll see everything you need to see out of the history of the demoscene. Are you a long-time demosceners? Then you'll see long lost diamonds of the demoscene as well as a lot of classics and block busters. Please have a look at our event time table to see when which block is scheduled.

The barbecue & the 20th Anniversary gift

Finally, we'll have a decent barbecue at our event. We'll have plenty of outside space and we will give you a grill to heat your meat. There's absolutely no need to bring your own grill to the party. Also, there's no need to bring your own meat: Echtzeit, the organizers of the demodays, give away a good piece of meat with every three-day entrance ticket (while supplies last) and you'll be able to buy more meat at our bar (also, while supplies last).

The PixelInvaders Installation

Logo of the Pixel InvadersStraight from the labs of, we gonna have a two-panel installation running during all three days of the party. Read more about it. The PixelInvaders are brought to Demodays by Genoz/Vantage, the inventor of the system.

The OHP magic

A long time feature at Buenzli parties: The OHP competition. We have had these for a few years and continue the fun. Be sure to prepare your entry to this "analogue demo" competition in advance, or create something spontaneously during the event (we'll give you the materials needed for it) - and win awesome, never seen before, prizes (sure!).

The food support & bar

Known for the great quality and variety (and for the fair prices), our food support team, lead by Chefkoch, will give you all the drinks and food you need: From fresh salads to pizza & pasta, from beer to water, from Red Bull to Club Mate. At our lengthy bar you will be served non stop, even late at night.

The network

No demoparty without a proper network to share and trade the latest demos, animations and demoscene music. We'll provide you with high performance switches on (almost) every table. All you need to bring is your own network cable. For the growing community of smart phone users, iPad addicts and laptop heroes, we'll have a reliable Wifi network running. From both networks you'll be able to access the internet to check your mails or IRC with those buddies that were too lazy to come to Olten.