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IMPORTANT: Read more about how "Buenzli" and "Demodays" are related here.

At the Evoke 2011 party, we have released the official Demodays 2011 Invitation called "My Buenzli". The Demo features a great soundtrack to sing-along by Netpoet. The visuals were made by Psykon/Mercury and coded by Pro/Nuance. It's less than two weeks to Demodays 2011 - feel invited to visit our party!

Download the executable from or view the HD video capture on YouTube.

Better late than never: We finally decided on the specs of our competition hardware. We'll have two PC systems available - and as always: If the specs don't fit you, you can bring your own hardware, too. See our competition hardware specifications.

As requested, we managed to bring an IRC channel for the Demodays online (thank you, Gilligan). Connect to IRCnet and join the crowd in the channel #demodays (for example using this webchat) to talk about the Demodays, organize rides and everything else related to our event.