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IMPORTANT: Read more about how "Buenzli" and "Demodays" are related here.

Demodays 2011 are history and we had a very great time together with our visitors. We want to thank everybody that was there, contributed to the competitions, watched the demoshows; we would like to thank our partners and especially our location, the Schützi in Olten, which was simply awesome. For everything that's left from that much too short weekend, we have created the After the Party page - with photos, videos, reports, releases and more. Supply your content and we'll add it to the list. Thanks again, for Demodays 2011. We'll be back!

The Demodays 2011 have started with a thunderstorm - but we don't care and here's the live stream for those that want to see what's going on from home. You can access our live stream here: Demodays Live. The live stream was made possible by the awesome dudes from Viprinet.

Here's the weather forecast - and it does look good, even if there's a chance for some rain. We hope it won't be too bad, as we'll have quite some outdoor action (for example the barbecue).

If you're lost on your way to Olten, just call our hotline at +41622127554 and we'll help you out. The hotline will be in action starting on Friday, Noon. To find you way to the party place, be sure to use your navigation gear or print some maps. All travel information is here.

See you this weekend at the Demodays, we're looking forward to make your weekend rock.